Mykohlscard Rewards

Kohl’s Rewards is our loyalty program and customers with a login account have access to special offers, some of which include MKohlsCash. It’s possible to rack up significant savings at Kohl’s by combining multiple coupons with the store’s sales.

How MyKohlsCard Rewards Work? 

For instance, if a retailer offers both a discount of thirty percent and Kohl’s Cash, a customer may choose to use both types of savings on the same purchase.


If you spend $30 at Kohl’s, you can get $10 back in cash at the store. They work with all of Kohl’s other loyalty and discount programs.

In addition to those who have a MyKohlscard, all other cardholders also enjoy the same privileges and savings. However, throughout the year, cardholders will receive additional offers for discounts of 10%-30% at participating retailers.

To entice new customers, Kohl’s offers a discount coupon for 35% off your first purchase that can be used in addition to any current sales. 1 In addition to free delivery and a birthday gift, you’ll be eligible for six more ways to save money if you spend more than $600 in a calendar year.

Customers with a Kohl’s Card can use their mobile device to make purchases, return items with no questions asked, and even pay their bills online.

Kohl’s Rewards® + Kohl’s Card = a win-win!

Kohl’s Card Pros and Cons


  • On your first purchase as a new cardholder, you will get a 35% discount.
  • Get discounts on at least 12 different kinds every year.
  • If you spend at least $600, you will be considered a “Most Valued Customer,” and you will get 18 discounts each year.
  • You can get more out of the programs if you join Kohl’s Cash rewards and Yes2You rewards.
  • There is no yearly fee.

Best for people who shop at Kohl’s a lot


A very high APR on purchases
No direct way to get extra rewards

Steps to Check My Kohl’s Rewards Balance

kohls reward

For Desktop/Tablet Users:

Sign in to your account on
Simply select “Account” from the list.
In the “Kohl’s Rewards” section of the website, you can view your current account balance.

Kohl’s App/Mobile:

Sign in to your account on
Simply click on the image.
In the “Kohl’s Rewards” section, you can view your current account balance.

On the first of each month, your Kohl’s Rewards balance is converted to Kohl’s Cash and issued in $5 increments, valid for 30 days.

If you still have any questions regarding Kohl’s credit card rewards, ask it my kohls customer care.

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