How to Activate My Kohl’s Card Online

In order to activate your new card, please sign in or create an account on the My Kohl’s Card website. (We regret to inform you that mobile devices cannot be used to activate your card.).


You can also activate your card by presenting a valid photo ID and your Kohl’s card at the time of your next purchase, or by calling 800-954-0048.

Customers can activate a card 24 hours after requesting one; however, you should not attempt activation until you have received the card in the mail.

Customers can activate the MyKohlsCard within twenty-four hours of requesting one.

Will I be able to continue using my previous card after activating my new Kohl’s Card?

Even after you activate your new card, your previous card will continue to function normally. Call the number on the back of the card and ask for deactivation. Additionally, ensure that your previous card is ripped up and discarded.

Does Kohl’s offer the option to add more cards to an existing account?

If you are the primary owner of the account or an authorized user of the account, you have the authority to activate any of the cards that are connected to the account. The primary cardholder or a user who has been granted permission to activate the card online is the only person permitted to do so.

After activating my card, will I be able to make purchases immediately?

Once your Mykohlscard is activated, you can use it to buy things at any Kohl’s store or online at

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